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ASA offers 3 grades of Diatomaceous Earth DE

Agricultural Grade

What is Diatomaceous Earth – Amorphous Silica?

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Amorphous Silica is the fossilized remains of Diatoms (a prehistoric phytoplankton). Diatoms extract silica from the water as it is essential to their survival. When the Diatoms die, they sink to the bottom of water ways leaving behind their silica rich skeletons. 

Diatomaceous Earth is a totally natural and organic product which is suitable for use on certified organic enterprises. DE is used for many purposes in the house and around the farm but its main areas of use are for Insecticides, Animal Health and Silica soil amendments.

In its natural state our DE contains 69% amorphous silica and 2% crystalline silica, the amorphous silica is highly plant available, water soluble, safe and effective as a soil conditioner.

When used as an Insecticide the sharp edge of the diatom cuts the exoskeleton of the insect and draws moisture from within the insect this is known as desiccation. DE can be applied as a dry powder or mixed with water and applied as a spray, however works best when dry. 

In the home DE can be sprinkled in areas where pests frequent for example behind cupboards and fridges, under sinks and around the house perimeter.  It is very effective against cockroaches, ants and other household insects.

DE can also be used for Oil Absorption - see below for more information on this application of DE.

DE comes in 3 grades. For more information on each grade and dosages select the links below.

For more facts and images on DE see our fact sheet here.

You can also download the ASA flyer here.

Diatomaceous Earth for Oil Absorption

Because of DE’s very absorbent properties, consisting of more than 70% silica it is the perfect product to have in your house, garage or shed for cleaning up grease and oil spills. Cloth rags, sponges and paper towel often leave behind residue and spread the spill further than the initial mess making the clean up time twice as long. The porous molecules in DE are able to absorb high quantities of moisture unlike a lot of other cleaning products on the market. Also DE is 100% natural and non toxic making it a safe alternative to use in any situation.The Diatomaceous Earth renders the spill inert which neutralises the chemicals in the oil. 



Firstly, act quickly. Apply DE to the spill as soon as you can. Apply up to an 1” over the spill. Leave for approx. 2-24hrs for the DE to absorb the spill. The longer you can leave the DE on the spill the more the DE will absorb the oil or grease. DE can hold more than twice its weight in liquid, so the longer it’s left on the spill the more effective it will be.

Once the DE has absorbed the spill, simply sweep up with a dustpan and brush and dispose of safely in the rubbish bin. 

If the spill in on a carpeted area, apply as per above instructions, sweep up the majority of the DE once absorbed and then safely vacuum the finer DE particles.

If the spill has caused a stain, simply clean the area with warm, soapy water to remove the mark.

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